Estonia’s Moonland Festival has added more names to the lineup, including Underground Resistance, Daniel Avery, and Legowelt—who will join the likes of Cristi Cons, DVS1, Nastia, and more from the first announcement.

This year’s debut edition will take place in the historical Rummu quarry and former prison, a Unesco World Heritage Site, not far from Estonia’s capital Tallin. The site is said to be “surrounded by lush nature,” and is known for hosting Into The Valley 2017. The aim, organizers say, is to “reshape the landscape through an interactive audio-visual experience,” soundtracked by the below names, with more set to be announced.

The second release of artists includes:

Adamov (RU)
Bogdan Taran & Lomov (LV)
Boris (DE)
Boym (RU)
Call Super (UK)
Daniel Avery (UK)
Dasha Redkina (RU)
Deep Mariano (AR)
Eisi (EE)
El (RU)
Hipushit (RU)
I-F (NL)
Juho Kusti (FI)
Kovyazin D live (RU)
Legowelt (NL)
Maher Daniel (CA)
Majkel (SE)
Martin Kling (SE)
Mava b2b Nebukat, RutmiKa (EE)
Maya Lourenco (SE)
Momo Trosman (AR)
Parallax Deep (SE)
Per Hammar (SE)
Perc (UK)
Regis (UK)
Ron Morelli (FR)
Safe Mode (EE)
Sariim (RU)
Shaun Reeves (US)
Shutta (RU)
Tanel Mütt (EE)
Volition Immanent (NL)

Already announced artists:

Abelle (RU)
Andrey Nechaev (EE)
Archie Hamilton (UK)
Artur Lääts (EE)
Barac (RO)
Christopher Ledger (IT)
Cristi Cons (RO)
Dana Ruh (DE)
Dewalta (DE)
Dorian Paic (DE)
Enzo Siragusa (UK)
Janina (DE)
Kamran Sadeghi LIVE (US)
Mashkov (RU)
Mike Shannon (CA)
Mr. & Mrs. Jonson (Mathew Jonson) LIVE (DE)
Nima Gorji (ES)
Nastia (UA)
Nikita Zabelin (RU)
Octo Octa LIVE (US)
Philip Gorbachev LIVE (RU)
Rossko (UK)
Sleeparchive (DE)
Sofia Rodina (RU)

This year’s debut edition takes place from August 3 to 5 in the historical prison walls of Rummu, with more information and tickets available via XLR8Rhere.