Next up on London’s Opia Records is a split EP of five mysterious acid rhythms from South America’s Michelle and Muten, Eterna Procrastinacion

Michelle, a young and little-known Uruguayan producer, arrives on Opia fresh off the back of her recent LP on Nicolas Lutz’ My Own Jupiter. She’s also released the Arquetipo EP for Fede Lijtmaer’s El Milagro Records. Muten, a talented live artist and producer from Montevideo, Uruguay, joins for one collaborative effort and one solo cut. 

Opia launched last year, and has released music from TC80, Z@P, OMAR, and more. 


A1. Michelle “Virtual Analog”

A2. Michelle “Clavia”

B1. Michelle “Anomalia Armonica”

B2. Muten “Vlad”

B3. Michelle & Muten “Roll Tubes”

Eterna Procrastinacion lands later this month, with a stream below.