Etienne de Crecy and Exyzt create a new way to view electronic music.

Move over Daft Punk pyramid, there’s a new hyper-dazzling techno light show in town! French electro-house man Etienne de Crecy had Gallic collective Exyzt put together an entrancing three-dimensional cube set up for his 2007 set at Rennes’ Trans Musicales Festival, and it’s presently touring the globe for whichever promoters can afford the show’s hefty pricetag (in the tens of thousands). The cube actually consists of nine blocks made from scaffolding and covered with translucent fabric onto which visuals, from gothic archways to Rubix-esque rotating shapes, are projected while de Crecy plays live in the middle. By the time you read this, he will have already wowed fans at London club Matter and will be gearing up to trip out fans at California’s Coachella Festival.