Yes, you read that right: Every single Rinse FM DJ will be playing at FWD>> on Boxing Day, December 26 at Fabric. For over nine hours, DJs ranging from Skream to dancehall experts The Heatwave will rotate through what will likely be extremely short sets of music and an epic night for London club-goers. Rinse FM recently celebrated 16 years of pirate radio, and was finally granted an official radio license, but even the epic birthday party they threw then was clearly not enough. Check out the full list of the Rinse FM DJs who will be in attendance after the jump.

Skream + Benga, Katy B, Boy Better Know, Geeneus, Roll Deep, Heartless Crew, Marcus Nasty + Rankin, Scratcha, Oneman, Kumfy, Newham Generals, Lighter, Spyro, Good Vibe Clive, Plastician, Reflex, Ill Blu, Braiden, L-vis 1990 + Bok Bok, Fingaprint, Roska, N-Type, Zinc, Dappa, SK Vibemaker, JJ, Flight, Score Five, Teddy Music, Big Beatz, Smasher, Marco Del Horno, Supa D, Youngsta, Ben UFO, Elijah + Skilliam, Hermit, Funkystepz, Jamie George, Shox, Teaser, Musik Man, Funk Butcher, Kismet, Wonder, Jay Diamond, Allbury, Alexander Nut, Angie B + Dogtaniun, MA1, Perempay + Cure, A Plus, Daniel Ward, Mr Cook, Clairvoyants, Wildlife, Sian + Julie, Able, Vectra, Antisocial, Crises, The Heatwave, Crazy D, P Money + more