Every Vain Human has dropped a debut album.

Every Vain Human is the solo project of sound designer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist ARKANE, a Rhode Island-born artist.

On his debut album, Mourning Person, Every Vain Human aims to merge the heaviness and macabre of metal and goth, with the composition and intricate sound design of film scores and electronic music. “I wanted to fully capture the feeling of dread, anxiety, and impending doom I’ve been feeling the past couple of years about aging, mortality and the world as a whole.”

All instruments were recorded live then heavily edited and treated. Each note of every guitar chord was tracked separately so that each note of the chord could be treated and panned differently and then layered to infinity. The goal was to get the guitars to sound like giant sonic disturbances that were disorienting like an image coming in and out of focus. The track “Ocean of Drown” is comprised of more than 100 different guitar tracks.

As for the drums, strings, and synthesizers: the artist composed the string arrangements and then transposed them for synthesizer. Various analog synths and guitar pedals were used to recreate the sound. He wanted the drums to be really mechanical, rigid like old industrial records, but at the same time to have ghost hits, dynamics, tempo, and signature shifts like a live drummer.

Mourning Person LP is out now, while a stream is available below.