Tight. As in compressed drums that sit perfectly in the mix, sharply cut vocals and synths snippets that tickle the ears, and basslines that push and prod dance club anthems forward. This is the world of Ewan Pearson, consummate remixer, producer, and all-around nice bloke. How nice? Between his hectic DJing and production schedule (which has included almost a half dozen releases this year alone), he makes time to tell the public about his favorite music at his Enthusiasm personal blog. Now, the Midlands, England-born producer is about to release one of his most ambitious collections yet, the two disc, 21-song remix set Piece Work, out August 24 on !K7.

A recording artist since 1996, Pearson has also released tracks under the guises Maas (releasing six singles and an album for Soma), World Of Apples, and most recently, as part of the revered duo Partial Arts. Pearson got his start in music soon after taking a job at Soma Records in Glasgow more than a decade ago. From then on, he’s kept on a steady schedule of producing, which has lead to a strong body of work that cuts across electronic music styles and genres. 

Melissa Taylor of Tailored Communication says, “Ewan’s name may have remained mostly amidst the small print, but he’s been all the busier for it. His remixes appear on at least 58 different releases by a wildly diverse group of artists–including Seelenluft, the Chemical Brothers featuring the Flaming Lips, Playgroup, Freeform Five, Franz Ferdinand, The Rapture, Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp, and Depeche Mode, all of whom turn up on Piece Work. This new double CD essentially picks up where the 2001 remixes comp Small Change left off, charting the last six years of Ewan’s beat-burnishing.” 

Pearson’s track record is as mentioned before: tight. Listeners should look forward to how his new compilation puts all the pieces together.

Disc 1

1. Seelenluft feat. Mixmaster Michael Smith “Manila (Ewan Pearson Remix)”
2. The Chemical Brothers feat. The Flaming Lips “The Golden Path (Ewan Pearson Extended Vocal)”
3. Futureshock “Pride’s Paranoia (Ewan’s Sticking Plaster Remix)”
4. Silver City “Shiver (Ewan’s Bari Girl Remix)”
5. Fields “Song For The Fields (Ewan Pearson Vocal Remix)”
6. Playgroup “Make It Happen (Ewan Pearson Remix)”
7. Freeform Five “Perspex Sex (Ewan Pearson’s Hi NRG Remix)”
8. Slam feat. Dot Allison “Visions (Ewan Pearson Remix)”
9. Goldfrapp “Train (Ewan Pearson 6/8 Vocal)”
10. Closer Musik “One, Two, Three – No Gravity (Ewan Pearson’s 2004 Remix)”
11. Franz Ferdinand “Outsiders (Ewan Pearson Remix)”

Disc 2
1. Mocky “Catch A Moment In Time (Ewan Pearson’s Memory Blissed Remix)”
2. The Rapture “I Need Your Love (Ewan’s Stay In School Mix)”
3. Pet Shop Boys “Psychological (Ewan Pearson Mix)”
4. Alter Ego “Beat The Bush (Ewan Pearson’s Slow NRG Edit)”
5. Röyksopp “49 Percent (Ewan Pearson Glass Half Empty Remix)”
6. Goldfrapp “Ride A White Horse (Ewan Pearson Disco Odyssey Parts 1 & 2)”
7. Ladytron “Evil (Ewan Pearson Radio Edit)”
8. Moby “Raining Again (Ewan Pearson Instrumental)”
9. Cortney Tidwell “Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (Ewan’s Objects In Space Remix)”
10. Depeche Mode “Enjoy The Silence (Ewan Pearson Extended Remix)”