Late last year, Ex Mykah—the avant-pop project of Colombian/Cuban-American artist Bryan Senti—released his debut album, 16,17, on Kowloon Records

Produced with Justin Moshkevich and John Hull, the album was directly inspired by various social themes in American society today, touching on everything from drug abuse to social class, politics, and religion via warped hip-hop influenced outings and affecting left-field pop. 

Following the release of the album, Ex Mykah has shared the haunting and unnerving video for album cut “Interventions,” a track about how his country is in the throes of drug addiction, as he explains:

“Many friends and idols have passed over the years do to various forms of addiction and it took me a while to figure out a way to discuss that in a song. It finally dawned on me that trapping this kind of lyrical message in a song that could be played in a club where one does such things was the most eloquent way to go. That said, musically the track is inspired by personal psychedelic trips and pulls from darkwave and hip-hop.”

You can watch the video in full via the player below, with the album available here.