Freerotation is the vinyl-only label arm of the Freerotation Electronic Audio Visual Festival. Run as a ‘not for profit’ organisation, the Wales-based festival has deservedly earned a reputation for being one of the most forward-thinking events in electronic music.

Following on from the first two releases—which featured tracks from Move D, Juju & Jordash, Soulphiction, Steevio, and Monoak—the next EP to land from the label is another VA, titled Kith, which brings on board festival regulars Anthony Child (a.k.a. Surgeon), Duckett, festival organiser Steevio, and Tom Ellis.

As expected, the release is full of beautifully trippy, left-field cuts; from Childs’ swirling ambient cut “Unconscious Fearless Determination” to Duckett’s fathoms deep “Breaks My Heart When I Remember That Day,” it’s a heady journey to truly get lost in.

The EP can be purchased here, and with the festival set to take place this weekend, Freerotation has offered up an exclusive preview of all four cuts, streamable via the player above.