Afriqua‘s “Soul Correction” is the latest release on Cure Music, the small imprint headed up by Felipe Valenzuela and Momo Trosman. The label’s mission statement is a simple one: to bring “you hints on a hidden, underground network connecting Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, and Berlin’s dancefloors.” In line with this, the only previous release, dated December 2015, came in the form of a four-tracker from Zendid, the rapidly rising French duo consisting of Adrien Doumenge and Lenny Mailleau. For more information on Zendid, check here.

“Soul Correction,” the label’s latest release, comes in the form of a single—there is no B Side because the track is “strong enough on its own,” explains Trosman in our early conversations. Chances are that you’ve probably heard the track played out if you’ve seen any of Raresh‘s more recent sets; the prominent Romanian has clearly taken a liking to the cut, forcing many fans to post on blogs here, there and everywhere in search of the responsible artist and track name. Well, here we are ladies and gents: ahead of the single’s September/October release, a four-minute snippet of the vinyl-only release is available to stream via the player below.