Kevin McHugh (a.k.a. Ambivalent) has made his first full album as LA-4A available to stream in full.

Phonautograph was released today via McHugh’s own Delft imprint—a label that he describes as focussing on “roots techno.” As LA-4A, McHugh has already put out a handful of EPs on Delft, as well as offering remixes on Voodoo Down and Throne of Blood. The album is a nine-tracker which covers a huge amount of ground, from the acid lines of “Dialup,” through the electro-infused “Blitzlicht,” to the ambient “Frequenzvariabler.”

On the album, McHugh had this to say: “The core of techno music is anchored around a vision of the future that was formed 20-30 years ago. The hardware and approaches are less about continually redefining this futurism, than about enjoying the beauty of a fantasy that is somewhat obsolete now. Now that the devices in our pocket have more technology than entire studios once had, and our present day abilities are beyond the imaginations of that era, I feel the need to embrace the simultaneous obsolescence and relevance of these tools. The tracks on the album are all inspired by technologies that helped create a ‘tomorrow’, but were quickly obsolete by the time that tomorrow arrived.”

Check out the full stream of Phonautograph below. Purchase the album at Juno.

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