Max Graef & Glenn Astro, the soulful and dance-inducing house duo with an outstanding funk finesse, are set to release The Yard Work Simulator, their first ever collaborative full-length album, on May 27 via Ninja Tune.

The pair first linked up through SoundCloud in 2012 after discovering a mutual admiration for each other’s sounds and in 2014, they formed the Money $ex Records imprint. On top of releasing music from noteworthy up-and-comers on the label such as Christopher Rau, Hodini, and Alex Seidel, the pair’s first collaborative effort, M$001, turned out to be a massive success and was followed up shortly by their Magic Johnson 12″, which was released on Ninja Tune in December of last year.

>Channeling a connection to the sounds of Detroit, Max Graef & Glenn Astro’s new album is a “ten track trip through the pair’s deliciously warped psyche, channelled through a ton of hardware.” When speaking about the album, Glenn notes: “We wanted to make a dance record without the obvious components. It was kind of a concept album where the tracklisting existed before we produced any music. We had a list of directions and sounds for each track name and we worked through track by track. Most of the sounds and instruments are recorded and not sampled. We worked out the harmonies, themes and chord progressions very carefully.”

Ahead of the album release, we are pleased to bring you an exclusive stream of the album’s title track, “The Yard Work Simulator,” which you can hear in full below.

Pre-order The Yard Work Simulator here.