Prolific drum & bass producer Ashley Tindall (a.k.a. Skeptical) has been a fairly central figure in D-Bridge‘s Exit crew, but until now he has never actually racked up a full solo release for the imprint, instead appearing on a couple of Mosaic compilations and a collaborative 12″ with Dub Phizix and Strategy. Now Tindall will add to those efforts with both a new solo EP and a limited 10″ set to drop via Exit on January 19.

Skeptical’s forthcoming Imperial EP is set to include four tracks of tight, sub-loaded drum & bass, while the untitled 10″ will feature two tracks that mine supremely moody, lower-tempo territory. An audio preview of the Imperial EP can be found below, where the artwork and tracklist for Skeptical’s upcoming 10″ can also be found.

Untitled 10″
1. Something in the Sound
2. Talk the Talk