Experimental Housewife will release her new album on Wednesday, titled D i g i t a l B e a c h.

D i g i t a l B e a c h is Evelyn Marie Malinowski’s fourth album as Experimental Housewife album and follows Place Writer on Jacktone. It’s the San Francisco artist’s first outing on True Indigo, a little-known San Francisco collective.

“They transformed these techno-leaning experimentations into unique undulating art and facilitated a conversation between me and my grief process,” Malinowski explains.

The grief that Malinowski refers to results from her friend’s passing in 2016 after the two had spent “a sunny day blasted by winds at Ocean Beach,” she recalls. “My friend and I strolled in the dirty sand wondering what the future would bring. Little did we know that she’d be gone in two weeks.” The album is a “representation” of Malinowski’s “desire to relive that day so that I may spend time with her again and save her from harm.”

“Distorted, decayed, and dismayed experimental dance music is the best description of Experimental Housewife’s first full-length since 2016,” the label continues. “The music takes audible breaths as it tells the story of a wish to turn back time, to return to an acute moment that at first seemed insignificant but later became eminent and painfully finite.”

Malinowski also has a track coming out on a 12″ compilation organized by Chicago’s Acid Daddy. You can check out the first volume here.

To learn more about Experimental Housewife, check out her XLR8R podcast here.


01. D i r e c t O c e a n
02. E u r e k a
03. S c r i m s a v e r
04. W a s h
05. A q u a m a r i n e
06. U p d a t e R i p C u r r e n t
07. W e S h o u l d ‘ v e S a i d G o o d b y e
08. A s k T h e C y p r e s s W h y (f e a t. J o s e y R o s e)

D i g i t a l B e a c h LP is out on cassette tape and digitally on March 4. Meanwhile, you can stream previews below and pre-order the album here.