Minimalist master Ezekiel Honig takes inspiration for his latest album Scattered Practices not from other producers or even something like film, but from French philosopher Michel de Certeau’s book The Practice Of Everyday Life. Manipulating found sounds from the streets, his own apartment, and other elements of daily existence, Honig crafts his trademark ambient techno in a slightly different, more conceptual shape this time around. “Instead of ‘Let’s start with a techno basis and see where it goes,'” says Honig, “it was more like ‘I have these sounds I love. How do they become a song?'”

Scattered Practices is out September 25, 2006 on Microcosm Music

1. Going Sailing Refrain 1
2. Concrete & Plastic
3. Books On Tape
4. Going Sailing Refrain 2
5. Going Sailing Refrain 3
6. Fractures & Fissures (Part I)
7. Homemade Debris
8. Fractures & Fissures (Part II)
9. Oceans & Living Rooms
10. Edit Edit Edit