A transparency statement has been issued by fabric on the use of funds raised in its #saveourculture campaign.

Following the decision of Islington Council to revoke the London club’s license, fabric launched the #saveourculture campaign to raise money for its appeal against the decision. After only a few days, the campaign has received great support already from all corners of the globe (including the latest contributor to the club’s mix series, Scuba, who announced that he will donate all proceeds from the upcoming release to it).

Earlier today, Gary Kilbey (the institution’s Managing Director) released a statement outlining in greater detail how the funds will be used, as well as taking the opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed. It is noted that despite it being “a successful business with financial provisions to cope with extenuating circumstances, these simply may not be sufficient to pay for an extensive legal battle and also to keep the club alive until a court hearing.” Their first objective is to re-open fabric, though they are also embarking on “a wider fight to stop this injustice happening again.”

In order to remain transparent throughout the campaign, fabric will report “how the funds are used on a bi-weekly basis throughout the campaign,” and on “the future plans for any unused allocation when the time comes.” It was also stated that “any remaining funds will be used to support other venues and events who have had a similar experience.”

Read the full statement here and make your donation here.