London club and home of consistently quality mix CDs (seriously, two of them made it into our Best Releasesof 2012 list), Fabric has announced a new label endeavor called Houndstooth. The imprint will be helmed by Electronic Explorations curator Rob Booth, who in an interview with FACT said of the label, “Houndstooth is completely an artist-led endeavour, so the focus of what we’re doing will be squarely on them and their output.” In other words, Houndstooth will be issuing singles, EPs, and LPs, not mixes.

Houndstooth’s first release will come next year from Berlin’s Call Super (a producer who has appeared in our Downloads section a couple of times over the years), which will be followed by records from ?kkord, House of Black Lanterns (the new project from King Cannibal), Al Tourettes, and _Unsubscribe_. While Call Super’s The Present Tense EP does not have an official release date, tracklist, or artwork yet, Houndstooth did release a nifty promo video of Fabric’s logo morphing into its own, which you can watch below.