Fabrizio Rat will release his new album, Shades of Blue, on his own La Machina label on Friday.

Shades of Blue is the Italian musician’s third album, after 2018’s Unconscious Mind, and it sees him taking a break from the fusion of piano and the techno rhythms of the previous productions to explore the timbre of modular synthesizers. It travels through electronica, acid, noise, and ambient, across 12 tracks.

In writing the album, Fabrizio Rat was inspired by the compositional techniques of the Ars Nova, a musical style that flourished in France in the 14th century. He describes the patterns emerging during the creative process as “surprising illusions of harmony and polyphony,” created by superposing two lines of hypnotic loops, functioning separately on independent cycles.

Fabrizio Rat is an Italian musician based in Paris, France. He is known for his hybrid performances mixing acoustic piano, drum machines, and synths, merging the worlds of acoustic and electronic music into a radical new style.


01. Indigo
02. Cobalt
03. Ultramarine
04. Electric
05. Sapphire
06. Dark
07. Powder
08. Ice
09. Turquoise
10. Neon
11. Azure
12. Midnight

Shades of Blue LP is out February 14 via La Machina. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the record here, and hear clips below.