Continuing with music publications’ unending proclivity for genre corralling and list making, FACT magazine put together a new rundown of its 20 favorite tunes from the vintage sound of minimal wave. In addition to the list of songs and artists, writer Veronica Vasicka includes a brief history of the genre, and writes relatively lengthy and informative blurbs on each of the selections included in the piece. A large number of truly esoteric artists are named in the list, unless, of course, you happened to be alive and part of that underground community at the time. For those not so in the know, it’s easy to treat this as more of a primer for the lesser-known synth-toting artists of the mid-’70s to early-’80s (with a few newer acts peppered in, as well). Check out “20 Best: Minimal Wave” here.

pictured 1000 Ohm