Faction, an LA-based technology-enabled talent management company, has announced the launch of its proprietary IOS app, Faction X, which is now live in the Apple App Store.

Faction X claims to be the world’s first self-management app for emerging artists and “provides a platform to help developing talent to get noticed by the industry’s power players.” In essence, the app allows artists to build a “Faction” of key business partners and collaborators, and then share important news, assign tasks, obtain approvals, access discounts from preferred vendors, and view aggregated social and commercial data. The app also contains a proprietary algorithm that creates a “score” for each artist based on the weekly change in their social engagement and then ranks the artists versus their peers. This chart reflects an artist’s ability to connect with their fans and their career velocity, which is of particular interest to agents, labels, promoters and other industry groups.

Robb McDaniels, Faction’s Founder, commented: “Emerging artists now have access to a tool that can help them more effectively communicate with, and manage, their internal business network, while also tracking the impact of all their hard work on their fan base.” Paul Stepanek, Faction’s General Manager, added: “Being able to activate your key business partners, keep everyone working in lockstep and provide them all with equal access to information is instrumental to any artist taking it to the next level.”

The Faction X app is free during this beta phase and then will switch to a monthly subscription model in the summer. Additional functionality and preferred vendors will be added during the coming months as well. When the app emerges from the beta period, the full artist chart rankings will be published to industry partners.

For more information see the demo above.