L.E.V. (Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual) Festival has announced the first wave of artists to play its 11th edition.

Held in different spaces of the Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura Art Complex and the city of Gijón, L.E.V. will host inspiring performances, installations, audiovisual live shows, showcases, workshops, and documentaries from artists including, among others, Factory Floor, Samuel Kerridge, Container, Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas, Harm Van Den Dorpel, and Novi_Sad & Ryoichi Kurokawa.

You can find the full list of the artists announced below, alongside a video for Novi_Sad & Ryoichi Kurokawa’s “Sirens,” with tickets and more information available at L.E.V.’s website.


Factory Floor (DFA Records, UK)
Samuel Kerridge FLA Live A/V (Downwards, UK)
Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas present”Lexachast” (DE)
Container (Diagonal, USA)
John Beltran Live (Delsin, USA)
Nicolas Bernier presents “frequencies (synthetic variations)” (CA)
Martin Messier presents “Field” (CA)
Synkro (Apollo Recordings, UK)
IVVVO (Halcyon Veil, PT)
Kara Lis Coverdale & MFO (Sacred Phrases, CA/ DE)
Novi_sad & Ryoichi Kurokawa present “Sirens”(Sub Rosa, GR/JP)
Skygaze “Wightless Lanscapes” AV (Love Our Records, ES)
Alex Augier presents _nybbles_ (FR)

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Sirens from RYOICHI KUROKAWA on Vimeo.