LA-based Fade To Mind has teamed up with Qween Beat to drop a new EP from Gulfport, MS producer BE3K, called Exoneration, dropping April 20. This marks the first time Fade To Mind has teamed up with Qweenbeat, the collective led by artist MikeQ, to produce a co-release.

Southern born and raised, BE3K has been working behind the scenes of the vogue and club communities as a producer for MikeQ’s Qween Beat Collective even before the start of his solo project. He has worked on tracks with artists such as Divoli S’vere and B.Ames, while sharing time between New Orleans and his hometown of Gulf Port, Mississippi. The release follows BE3K’s Confessions At 5AM, a 12-track solo self-release.

We’re told that Exoneration “touches on hip-hop, vogue/ballroom, and house, while telling the story of BE3K’s journey through a bad break-up,” the label explains. Unique to BE3K’s sound is his approach to ballroom cuts, experimenting with slowing tunes down to create a new rendition, or “a slow vogue sound.”


01. Goodnight Shanghai
02. CKUNTIE 2.0 (ft. Sugar Shane
03. How I Like It
04. My Kitty Kat
05. Space Trip
06. Goodnight Shanghai (Instrumental)
07. CKUNTIE 2.0 (ft. Sugar Shane) [Instrumental]
08. How I Like It (Instrumental)
09. My Kitty Kat (Instrumental)
10. Space Trip (Instrumental)

Exoneration EP will land on April 20 via Fade to Mind and Qween Beat, with “My Kitty Kat” streaming in full below.