Kingdom‘s Fade to Mind imprint is releasing the debut EP from Oregon-via-Chicago producer Massacooraman (a.k.a Dave Quam, pictured above). While in Chicago, Quam was a frequent XLR8R contributor, but he has now relocated to Portland, where his focus has shifted to production, rather than writing and photography. His Dead Long Time EP is the culmination of his early production efforts, boasting six tunes that draw from juke and reggaeton, while also displaying a firm grasp on current trends in forward-thinking dance music. A streaming preview of the record’s title track can be found below, along with the artwork and tracklist for Massacooramaan’s EP. Dead Long Time is out now on vinyl, and will see a digital release on June 26.

01. Dead Long Time

02. Aww Shit! (ft. DJ Rashad)
03. Wijd
04. Bludgeon Riddim
05. Jumbie Yelp
06. Dancehall Princess