After debuting last year with Inevitable Collapse, FAR returns to Speedy J‘s Electric Deluxe with the Flash Point.

Flash Point is the fourth release in the Electric Deluxe LMTD series featuring laser cut outer sleeve artwork designed by Jan Willem van der Baan. Previous editions include: DJ Red’s Underwater EP (EDLX.047), Rise Above by JK Flesh (EDLX.048) and Arad’s debut LP Particles and Waves (EDLX.047).

Flash Point will only be available for physical purchase via the Electric Deluxe shop.

In advance of the EP’s October 28 release, snippets are available to stream below.


A1 / 1. Landslide
A2 / 2. The Open Door
B1 / 3. Numbers
B2 / 4. Compass
C1 / 5. State To State
C2 / 6. Apart
D1 / 7. Wired
D2 / 8. Toba
D3 / 9. Your Eyes Lie