Experimental electronic producer Fatima Al Qadiri has a new album landing on Hyperdub. Titled Brute, Qadiri’s upcoming full-length is schedule for release on March 4 and will mark the artist’s second LP to land on the UK imprint, to date. It precedes her debut album, Asiatisch, released on Hyperdub back in 2014 and theself-titled debut full-length, she co-released last year via Warp Records, as part of the Future Brown group.

Check out the upcoming LP’s tracklisting or preview the track “Battery” on the player, below.


1. Endzone
2. Blood Moon
3. Breach
4. Curfew
5. Battery
6. 10-34
7. Oubliette
8. Blows
9. Aftermath
10. Fragmentation
11. Power

Brute is scheduled for release via Hyperdub on March 4, 2016.