Bas Bron will release Spontaneous Order, his first album as Fatima Yamaha in five years.

Having worked under numerous aliases for over two decades, across intersections of electro-funk, electro-pop, and house, Bron and his Fatima Yamaha moniker became one of the most sought-after names in electronic music in 2015 in the wake of “What’s A Girl To Do?” The track cemented itself as a set staple worldwide that summer, 11 years after its initial release on D1 Records.

In the period since, Bron has chosen not to capitalize on the project’s success, he says. Spontaneous Order is the first full-length LP under the name since Imaginary Lines, released as Bron broke through five years ago.

It’s an album of electronic music and funk, we’re told, with virtuoso synths lines, anthemic melodies, and razor-sharp electro. There are also mellower moments, and it’s all influenced by Bron’s love for Japanese video game soundtracks.

Alongside the announcement, Bron has shared lead single “Day We Met,” which sees him at his most poppy, playful best, working around infectious hooks and bouncing along with a joyful energy.


01. Drops In The Ocean
02. Day We Met
03. Bar Bodega “That’s It!”
04. Monderman
05. Happy Hour At Hayek’s
06. Spontaneous Order
07. Unwashed
08. Daio (Alternate History)
09. Master Zhuang
10. We Are Drops

Spontaneous Order LP is scheduled for November 13 release on Magnetron Music. Meanwhile, you can stream lead single “Day We Met” in full below.