In the early ’70s, Hamburg-based Krautrock outfit Faust made history with its avant-garde, improvisational music. One signing with Polydor later, the band began to incorporate electronic cut-and-paste editing techniques, bizarre field recordings, and lush noise to its tracks, thus defining a new era of experimental music. The group eventually released the epic beast, Faust IV, on Virgin.

The album received acclaim from the likes of John Peel, Simply Red, and an entire generation of new wave bands, and now we can all go ballistic again over this new, remastered version of the album. The release features a bonus disc of rarities and alternative mixes, as well as the classic album in hi-fi mode. IV has officially been resurrected.

The Faust IV remastered edition is out September 18, 2007 on Virgin

1. Krautrock
2. Sad Skinhead
3. Jennifer
4. Just A Second (Starts Like That)/Picnic On A Frozen River/Deuxieme Tableux
5. Giggy Smile
6. Lauft… Heist Das Es Lauft Oder Es Kommt Bald… Lauft
7. It’s A Bit Of A Pain

Bonus Disc Tracklisting
1. Lurcher
2. Krautrock
3. Do So
4. Jennifer
5. Sad Skinhead
6. Just A Second (Starts Like That)
7. Piano Piece Listen Listen
8. Lauft… Heist Das Es Lauft Oder Es Kommt Bald… Lauft
9. Giggy Smile