Freddie Dixon (a.k.a FD) will release his debut album via Lenzman’s The North Quarter label. 

Better Days was largely written in a three month window, and follows the Zurich-based, London-born Alone With Everybody EP on The North Quarter. It’s inspired and informed by FD’s early life—”nostalgia-infused wonderings of the mind to a care-free time without today’s online distractions”—hence the title. 

Vocal collaborations come from Fox, Washington DC soul diva Cecily, and Ribs. 

The album is The North Quarter’s 10th release. 

“I’ve been wanting to do an album for quite a while now, but the circumstance never felt right. Once I started working with The North Quarter that all changed—it feels like being part of a team all pushing in the same direction, all supporting one another, all wanting to do the best for each other. Once we’d done the first EP together, for me, it was only a question of when.”— FD


A1. Top2Bottom (Roller)

A2. Got A Feeling

B1. Not That Bad

B2. 99 Flake (Interlude)

B3. Foundations

C1. Deadly Styles

C2. Sycamore (feat. Cecily)

D1. Better Man (feat. Fox)

D2. Bottles (Prelude)

D3. Bottles

Better Days LP lands June 7, with “Not That Bad” and “Bottles” both streaming below.