Argentina’s Federico Molinari has released a new EP on Pressure Traxx.

Molinari is something of a prolific studio producer who boasts a wealth of quality material to his name. Much of this has been shared between labels of friends, including Melisma, Apollonia, and Epilog; although the majority of his cuts have arrived on Oslo, the imprint he co-founded with Nekes as “a way to express their own ideas of electronic music,” and also as a “homebase” for their own productions and those of friends. Within just a few years of its 2007 launch, Oslo had gained widespread both in Europe and further afield for its superb and original releases.

His latest release, however, comes through Pressure Traxx, a label where he has previously released once before.


A. Aftershot
B. Big Bird

Aftershot EP is out now, with clips streamable below.