German reissue label SPV just announced that, in tribute to Popol Vuh founder Florian Fricke, who died 10 years ago, they will be releasing Popol Vuh Revisited & Remixed (1970-1999), a—duh!—collection of remixes and reworkings of the classic Krautrock band’s hits and obscurities. The likes of Thomas Fehlmann, Mika Vainio, Hecker, Russell Haswell, Mouse On Mars, and tons of others have been, over the years, commissioned to overhaul the works, and this set compiles them all into one easy-to-digest collection. While the album was recently released in Europe, American fans will be able to snag the disc come July 26.

Of their contribution, Mouse On Mars’ Jan Werner and Andi Toma had this to say: “Rethinking European and German post-War music, Popol Vuh is of particular interest to us. It came out of the blue, from a inextinctable desire to reach out to spiritual, deeply personal insights. Like a mess for the mystic joy of existence itself. Maybe a ‘Hosianna’ on what was left or at all relevant of the totally fucked-up German historical heritage in the 1960s. Our remix from Nosferatu‘s “Through Pain to Heaven” is a song which we would have liked to hear on our new album.”

Check out Mika Vainio’s lengthy, slow-burning ambient mix of “Nachts: Schnee,” and the collection’s cover art and tracklist, below, or preview the album in its entirety here.

“Aguirre I Lacrima di Rei” Aguirre (Soundtrack) (1974)
“Affenstunde”Affenstunde (1970)
“In den Gärten Pharaos”In den Gärten Pharaos (1972)
“Ich Mache Einen Spiegel”Affenstunde (1970)
“Nachts – Schnee”Cobra Verde (Soundtrack) (1987)
“Eine Andere Welt”Cobra Verde (Soundtrack) (1987)
“In Your Eyes”For You and Me (1991)
“Train Through Time”Affenstunde (Bonustrack) (1999)
“Nascita”Messa di Orfeo (1998)
“Brüder Des Schattens”Nosferatu (Soundtrack) (1987)
“Through Pain to Heaven”Nosferatu (Soundtrack) (1978)
“Kailash: Last Village”Bonustrack (prev unreleased) (1998)

“Aguirre I / II (Lacrima Di Rei Edit)”Peter Kruder Remix (Kruder & Dorfmeister)
“Schnee (Flow Edit)”Thomas Fehlmann Flow Mix (The Orb)
“Heart of Glass (Sei Still Wisse Ich Bin Edit)” A Critical Mass Remix (Schwarz/Dixon/Amé)
“Haram Dei Haram Dei (ProgRock Edit)” Alex Barck Remix
“Through Pain to Heaven / Kyrie (Edit)” Roland Appel Remix
“Nachts Schnee (Ambient Edit)”Mika Vainio Remix (Pan Sonic)
“Gärten Pharaos (Dark Development Edit)” Moritz von Oswald Remix
“Through Pain to Heaven (Dopeful Vuh)” Mouse On Mars Remix
“Hosianna Mantra (Lyrics Edit)”Stereolab Remix
“Aguirre I / II (Endless Edit)”Haswell & Hecker Remix
“Train Through Time (Long Edit)”Popol Vuh