Félicia Atkinson has released Echo, an “imaginary garden” of music dedicated to anyone in pain or isolation.

Echo is the latest release in Boomkat Editions‘ ongoing Documenting Sound series, which launched in May with music by Sarah Davachi.

Atkinson wrote the record while stationed with her husband and young child in La Becque, an artist residency, earlier this year.

The result is a ponderous mix of slow but searching keys, windswept sax, room recordings. You can hear every creak of Atkinson’s chair, her breath on the microphone, and the birds outside, plus the intimate electronic touches that she intended to mirror the solace she came to find. Her aim was to “provide a place for reflection for anyone in need.”


01. According To GH
02. Hope Alarm
03. Muscari
04. A Swan
05. The Waves
06. Lillies

Echo is out now on Boomkat Editions.