Melisma and Cure Music are set to release a new collaborative limited edition vinyl to welcome summer, featuring tracks from Felipe Valenzuela and Dani Casarano.

Felipe Valenzuela and Dani Casarano have been responsible for their fair share of discerning electronic music over the years. As well as sharing a keen understanding behind the decks, the pair also share a similar ear for clued-in house music, the likes of which immediately comes to the fore on the debut release for their new imprint, Melcure. A double-A sided affair featuring a production from each producer, Melcure000 is characterized by its heady, dancefloor vibes, the likes of which are very much apparent on both tracks.

Kicking off the release is the sound of Dani Casarano’s “Newboli.” A moody number full of intricate parts, it’s just as likely to demand your attention thanks to its unlikely piano stabs as it is its ravey synth stabs. On the other side, Felipe Valenzuela also impresses courtesy of the equally delicate “009.” A deep number full of intoxicating synths and bumping grooves, it too is sure to keep dancers guessing thanks to an array of carefully introduced hypnotic elements.


A1. Dani Casarano “Newboli”
B1. Felipe Valenzuela “009 Mix”

Ahead of the EP’s June 23 release, Dani Casarano’s “Newboli” is exclusively streamable in full below, with snippets of both cuts also available here.