Back on September 30, South African producer Felix Laband returned to Compost Records, releasing his fifth outing on the label, The Bag of Bones EP.

The record is a slightly distressing but at the same time beautiful listen, produced during a time when “South Africa is undergoing an unnerving state of change with revolution bubbling just under the skin.” In direct relation to his surroundings during this time, Laband has created an album filled with hope, anger, love, and dreams. It’s a highly personal release, as delicate as it is powerful—you can truly feel that a lot of emotion has been poured into each instrument and phrase. Alongside the three originals will be a remix from Luke Vibert, a longtime hero of Laband.

You can pick up The Bag of Bones over at Compost’s Bandcamp, with the bonus, trip-hop-esque cut “Dawn In The Desert,” available via WeTransfer below.

Dawn In The Desert