Oh, joy. It’s another alt-indie-electroinc-pop album from an über-hip band being hyped on Pitchfork. But wait, there’s something unusual about the overlooked second full-length from Danish outfit Figurines, something that makes you reconsider the previous statement.

Though it’s clearly a guitar-heavy album, Skeletons is not necessarily the tracks you’d expect from a band who’s been tagged with the indie rock label. Soft, pleasant piano notes open things, accompanied by Christian Hjelm’s soaring (and charming, in an imperfect way) vocals. The mood is shattered three minutes later when some pounding guitar riffs barge in, and from then on the band explores punk, bluegrass, a huge spectrum of tempos, and even some seventh chords. The experiment comes off surprisingly well.

Ben Watt (Everything But The Girl) liked the record so much he decided to re-release it as the first album on his new Strange Feeling imprint, to remind all those people in the UK who bypassed the album what they’re missing. Which is not just another indie band, but a band with some strong indie-rock roots and a willingness to explore beyond the narrow confines of the genre.

Skeletons is out March 12, 2007 on Strange Feeling.

1. Race You
2. The Wonder
3. All Night
4. Silver Ponds
5. Ambush
6. Rivalry
7. Remember
8. Other Plans
9. Ghost Town
10. Continuous Songs
11. Fiery Affair
12. Wrong Way All The Way
13. Back In The Day
14. Release Me On The Floor