We briefly mentioned Detroit rapper FINALE‘s forthcoming debut album, A Pipe Dream & a Promise, a couple weeks ago, touching on the fact that Interdependent Media has created a Super Mario Bros.-themed videogame to go along with the release. More information on the game has surfaced this week, along with the actual player, so those wishing to revisit 1985 can do so now.

Super Finale is a straightforward affair: FINALE stands in for Mario, only he’s clad in a hoodie and jeans, rather than red overalls. Steer FINALE through a Mario-esque landscape and make him do things like spit fireballs and stomp on those strange brown mushroom creatures. Those who beat the game get a free download of the Black Milk-produced “One Man Show Remix.”

Super Finale:

A Pipe Dream & a Promise is out April 7 via Interdependent Media.