A warehouse party in Oakland, California last Friday was devastated by a deadly blaze.

At least 33 people were left dead by the fire and many more are still missing (according to a report by The New York Timesyesterday). As many as 40 are reportedly feared dead by the local Sheriff. Rescue workers spent the weekend searching through debris and many more are still unaccounted for. Sergeant Ray Kelly of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office was quoted as saying that they “will be here for days and days to come.”

The event was at a warehouse known as The Ghost Ship, a building also used as a studio and creative space for artists. The hosts were local imprint 100% Silk, featuring Golden Donna on his west coast tour. Two of the label’s artists are still unaccounted for—Chelsea Faith Dolan (a.k.a. Cherushii) and Johnny Igaz (a.k.a. Nackt).

Speaking to L.A. Weeklyabout the disaster, label co-founder Amanda Brown described the aftermath as being “the worst day” in her and partner Britt Brown’s “entire music-making lives.”

There has been a split reaction, with certain reports casting blame on the residents of the building, who had apparently failed to meet basic fire-safety requirements, and other reports putting the fault on the long-term affordability crisis and the state’s failure to protect the most vulnerable.

A criminal investigation has been launched. More news to follow.