Next up on Firecracker Recordings is an album from New York duo Justin Tripp and Brian Close (a.k.a Georgia). 

Tripp and Close have previously released on Meakusma, Palto Flats, Emotional Response, and FTD, but have worked a lot in multimedia work with a whole host of clients, from the corporate to the counter cultural. 

With Time, we’re told that their vision is especially well realised and that it sees them deliver an album that, “with any luck, shall help you unlock your inner portals—should they need assistance in that regard anyway,” the label says.  

“Unquantisable polyrhythms knock against one another in an uncannily externalised, conflicting collage of half remembered dance ritual memories. Fragmented melodies, disembodied vocal snippets, a hint of ethnomusicality in places all give deep nods simultaneously to ancient experience and to post human intelligence, condensing past present and future into one eternal instant,” the label adds. 

Earlier this year, the Edinburgh label released The Sorrow Of Derdriu, an album from founder Lindsay Todd’s in-house collaborative project, Mac-Talla Nan Creag. 


A1. Ayolas 

A2. Othonoi 

A3. Askja 

A4. West Of Luzon 

B1. Iwate 

B2. Wupatki 

B3. Tioga Nicetown 

C1. Pura Braman 

C2. Suali 

C3. Sabalan 

D1. Desta Tinanitina Mata 

D2. Larki 

D3. Celebes Water 

Time LP lands on April 5, with opener “Ayolas” streaming below.