Príncipe will release a new EP with a collection of tracks from three members of the Firma Do Txiga crew, namely K30, DJ NinOo, and Puto Anderson.

The three producers first on the Lisbon-based label in 2016 with contributions to the Mambos Levis D’Outro Mundo compilation. They return to the label with Firma Do Txiga, an eight-track release that draws its name from the group.Each artist offers material for one seven-inch record, resulting in a three-disc box set that “[represents] three branches of the same tree.”

The eight cuts featured will also come in digital formats.


A1. K30 “Era Uma Ve(z)”
A2. K30 “Hora da Casa”
B1. K30 “Sistema”
B2. K30 “Melodias do K30”
C1. DJ NinOo “Ambientes Leves”
D2. DJ NinOo “Saudades do Russel”
E1. Puto Anderson “Éh Brincadeira”
F1. Puto Anderson “Gritos do Infinito”

‘Firma Do Txiga’ EP is scheduled for June 16 release, with a preview streamable below.