A little over a year ago the culture gurus at Firmament, retail venture curated by Beinghunted and The Glade, left their base in Munich to set up shop in Berlin. The store has proved a notable success, getting cutting edge clothing brands to the masses as well as setting up an online shop. October sees the store head back to Munich for a brief visit, armed with the latest fashions.

A small area at Soda Books & Magazines will be allocated to Firmament, who will set up a micro retail space to showcase collections from countries around the world, with brands like Answer, Acronym, Head Porter, IDiom, Neighborhood, and Visvim on view. This will be the first time said brands are available in Munich. The Firmament space is only open from October 10 – October 14, so catch it while you can.

Soda Books & Magazines is located at Baaderstrasse 74, Munich, +49 89 2024 5353