In a world addled by recession, unemployment, and nose-diving album sales, only the most resourceful indie labels shall survive, and Philly-based imprint Flamin Hotz has gotten creative in its efforts to sell records in 2009.

The label—you’ll know it from releases like Força Kuduro! and the Trouble & Bass crew’s Bass Bandits comp—just announced the launch of the Flamin Hotz Record Club. Over the course of the year, 10 limited-edition records will be released as part of a collectors’ series any good fan of electro, B-more, and ghettotech would be wise not to miss.

The gist is simple: sign up, fork over the cash, and the 12″s will be delivered to your door. Digital files will be available two weeks before the vinyl ships, and club members will be privy to demos, outtakes, remixes, stickers, and lots of other schwag (that’s rumored to include t-shirts and trading cards).

Singles are limited to 1,000 pressings each, and the whole set goes for $120 up front or 11 monthly payments of $11.

Though no release schedule exists for the program as yet, we do know that club members can expect music from kuduro master Frederic Galliano, Canadian duo Bonjay, Bird Peterson, Ninjasonik, and other disco and electro offerings.

Full info here.

MP3: DJ Tecas – “Bate No Peito (Com Respeito)”