Photo: Victor Luque

Floating Spectrum (real name Mei-Fang Liau) will release her debut album, A Point Between, via Temporary Residence Ltd. next month.

Cerebral and atmospheric, the music is immersive and darkened into a unique state within the ambient genre. It’s inspired by a dance performance for which Liau created audio works that explored the recurring cycles of nature—how life emerges, flourishes, and eventually decays, and metaphorically, how human emotions are associated with these phases. That performance yielded two pieces that became the roots of A Point Between.

The album is created with synthesizers, everyday household objects, and one-of-a-kind software synths. This included heavy usage of Liau’s self-built Polyphylla, a fractal-inspired software synthesizer that is found all over the album.

The track “Eruption” dives deeper into the vision she’s created through digital music technology. She designed a generative sound system that turns visual data into sound. In this hybrid system, sensitively fluctuating analog signals, fine-tuned data analysis, and human intuition perform together as one.

Mei-Fang Liau is a Taiwan-born, Berlin-based composer and audio technologist.

A Point Between has been pressed on CD and two sets of vinyl editions, one black and one clear with dark red streaks. Stream the first two singles, “Inner Island” and “The Early Green Outburst,” below, with pre-order HERE.


01. The Early Green Outburst
02. Rising Tide, Nourished Soil
03. Inner Island
04. Falling Apart On The Dreary Field
05. Obscured Moon
06. Eruption
07. Descent To The Hadal Zone