Floorplan will release a new album via Aus Music in November.

Supernatural is the first Floorplan album since 2016’s Victorious, out via Robert Hood’s M-Plant label. We’re told that it once again distills the power of techno and feelings of house music “with a certain sense of studio magic” that emerges when the father-daughter duo—since 2016, formed of Robert Hood and his daughter Lyric Hood—come together.

As with all previous Floorplan outings, which date back to 1996, the album is embellished with the heartfelt emotions and unbridled passions of Chicago house music. It is heavy and analogue and filled with vigour thanks to the drum programming and ever-rising sense of euphoria that comes from the well sculpted synths.

The 10-track release follows Move D’s recent outing on Will Saul and Fink’s UK label.



01. There Was A Time
02. Dance Floor
03. Oasis
04. Brothers & Sisters
05. Co Co
06. Song Like This !
07. I Try
08. Generations From Now


01. There Was A Time
02. Dance Floor
03. Oasis
04. Fiyaaaa!
05. Brothers & Sisters
06. His Eye Is On The Sparrow feat Carol Otis
07. Co Co
08. Song Like This !
09. I Try
10. Generations From Now

Supernatural is out November 8.