Flora Yin-Wong will release Holy Palm, her debut album, on Manchester’s Modern Love.

Flora Yin-Wong, sometimes known simply as Flora, is a London-born, Chinese-Malaysian producer working with field recordings and dissonance. She’s previously contributed to PAN’s 2017 mono no aware compilation and put out a tape release on PTP after the New York label discovered her music on Soundcloud.

Holy Palm appears like a woven tapestry of interconnecting recollections, we’re told, and it’s founded on an extensive repository of field recordings made over the past six years.

Across 10 tracks, Flora tiles aural snapshots of far-flung places, from an abandoned Arctic settlement in Svalbard to an accidental recording of a monk chanting prayers on a radio in rural Chania, Crete, into an investigation of how ritual punctuates and gives meaning to life.


01. Tirta Empul
02. Vale
03. Martyrr
04. Bitterness
05. Aurochs
06. Śūnyatā
07. Terra
08. Wood For The Trees
09. Diyu
10. Of The Ferns
11. Loci I
12. Loci II

Holy Palm LP is scheduled for October 30 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Tirta Empul” in full below.