Oslo-based folktronica outfit Flunk has achieved a mild amount of success since its inception, but Personal Stereo, the quartet’s third longplayer for Beatservice Records, could very well ensure that success rate is higher in the coming months.

One of Norway’s leading exports (next to oil, cosmic disco, and Viking insignia), Flunk’s US album sales have already hit 10,000, its tracks have been serviced for The OC, C.S.I., and The L Word, and the band has probably been featured on more compilations than The Scorpions or Bon Jovi.

Bleeps and strings dominated the band’s previous albums, along with delicate female vocals woven between the musical layers, but Personal Stereo has guitar work written all over it (though the bleeps haven’t gone anywhere). The title track and “Change My Ways” manipulate lyrics into an array of different sounds, while the rest of the record plays like the tired ghost of The Sugar Cubes. Featuring a track with indie cult-hero Daniel Johnston, Flunk has proven that folktronica is still alive and kicking.

Personal Stereo is out now on Beatservice.

1. Personal Stereo
2. Heavenly
3. If We Kiss
4. Haldi
5. Sit Down
6. See You
7. Two Icicles
8. Change My Ways
9. Keep On
10. Diet of Water and Love