“I didn’t want cats to think I just did one thing, or one style,” says L.A.-based Steven Ellison (a.k.a. Flying Lotus) of Reset, a new EP and his debut release for Warp Records. “[This] EP was a chance to start over with a new perspective and vision.”

True to his words, Ellison uses Reset to show that although hip-hop provides the musical backbone for most of his work (see 2006’s 1983 (Plug Research) and his self-professed love of Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle), the producer is also capable of making hip-swinging soul (“Tea Leaf Dancers”), choppy Autechre-like beats and bleeps (“Spicy Sammich”), and ominous, rolling melodies that induce slow, cautious head-nodding. If 1983 made Ellison an artist worthy of attention, the precision and variety on Reset prove him worthy of his new place in the Warp family.

Fans of Lotus who are also aspiring video directors should check the Radar Festival for a chance to submit videos for “Tea Leaf Dancers.”

Reset is out October 2, 2007 on Warp.

1. Tea Leaf Dancers
2. Vegas Collie
3. Massage Situation
4. Spicy Sammich
5. Bonus Beat
6. Dance Floor Stalker