When the name “Flying Lotus” is conjured verbally, visions of completely cliché ‘90s rave imagery (neon lights, the ecstasy, and oh, god, the accessories) arises within us all. But Flying Lotus, known to his inner-circle as Steven Ellison, is no rave producer. As shown on last year’s 1983 LP (Plug Research), this L.A. futurist (and nephew of jazz-revolutionary Alice Coltrane), makes gritty hip-hop that would work quite well as a soundtrack to The Jetsons if they were a little more pissed (a fitting comparison, since he’s already banged out a series of beats for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim promos).

Ellison recently became the first L.A.-based artist to join Warp Records’ celebrated roster, and dude is psyched. The legendary UK imprint–home to undisputable production kings like Boards of Canada, Prefuse 73, Aphex Twin, and newcomers Battles–will release Ellison’s four-song, vinyl-only EP in June, giving the label yet another wind. 

Get a taste of Lotus’ “Spicy Sammich,” from the new EP on his Myspace.