Bruno Boumendil, better known as Folamour, will release his second studio album, Ordinary Drugs, on February 1.

We’re told that the 11-track affair is another showcase of the French artist’s ability to tell real stories that draw on his unique fusion of sunny house, soulful disco, and space jazz. He’s been active since 2015, and this latest album follows 2017’s Umami, released via Moonrise Hill Material. The label describes it as “another impossibly blissed-out affair for the soul” that comes with a backstory. 

I remember these long sleepless nights, all these thoughts whispering and screaming in my head, all of these memories, fading, day after day. And I remember your face. Or… do I? Some days, it was harder than usual, not remembering your smell, your hands, all these smiles falling in the movies inside my thoughts, and it was pain to find out my life was swallowed by the clouds.But every bit of these memories are stronger than any drug to me. Like walking in the streets, early in the morning, feeling the chaos waking up, the noises and people madness. Coming out of my place, blinded by the sun light, smoking a cigarette, slowly, and then, another one. Looking at the trains waltz from my balcony, the wind bringing all the city words to my ears. Witnessing the exhaustion of suits going back home to their closet, the first seconds of roses rising through the concrete, and the breathlessness.

“This album is dedicated to all these little things that bring me back to life every day, which help me get through the restless nights, through the big waves crushing on my shore. I have learned to find small pieces of happiness in everything I can and I wish for you to master that craft a little more every day, all your life, like I hope I will.—Folamour


A1. Intro

A2. Underwater Memories (feat Wayne Snow)

A3. I Don’t Sleep at Night but I Wake Up at 6am

B1. Don’t Make Me Leave You Again, Girl

B2. After Winter Must Come Spring (feat Elbi)

C1. Parfums d’Aurore

C2. These Are Just Places To Me Now

C3. I Only Remember You When I Sleep (feat Mark Borgazzi)

D1. Christmas is only beautiful in TV shows

D2. Between the nights

D3. Theme For Marie Marvingt 

Ordinary Drugs LP will land on February 1 via FHUO Records.