Up next on Ben Freeney’s Foom label is a split 12″ featuring a new track from Bruno Pronsato and Sammy Dee’s Half Hawaii project plus a Tobias Freund remix of Patrick Cowley and Jorge Socarras’ “You Laugh At My Face.” 

Patrick Cowley  is a pioneer of electronic music who created his own brand of Hi-NRG dance music, often referred to as the San Francisco sound. He died of an AIDS-related illness in 1982. Jorge Socarras was the vocalist for San Francisco art-punk band Indoor Life. Little is known about the story behind the remix by Tobias.

“Watch the Flash” is Half Hawaii’s first new release in over half a decade. The project is associated with Perlon, where Sammy Dee and Pronsato have both made solo appearances, and Hello? Repeat. 


01. Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras “You Laugh At My Face” (Tobias. Version)

2. Half Hawaii “Watch the Flash”

You Laugh At My Face (Tobias. Version) / Watch The Flash lands May 3, with pre-order here and a stream of the Tobias. remix below.