Forrests will soon return with a new five-track release, Polydrug.

Forrests is a two-piece electronic music group from Dublin. They released their debut album Wilder in 2013, followed by Organs, a four-track EP that landed in 2015.

Polydrug is a sister record to Organs and was recorded in a variety of spaces in Dublin’s north inner city, with many of the sessions undertaken during an ill-fated attempt to build a recording studio in a shipping container.

The duo describe the record as a “kind of fever dream of the various places we recorded. An ode to the chaos, kindness, and mutualism”.


01. Jono
02. Polydrug
03. Corridor
04. Jaundiced
05. Lake Tape

Polydrug EP will land on November 17, with “Jono” streaming in full below.