Fort Romeau is set to return to return to Running Back with a new 12″.

Fort Romeau’s second outing for Gerd Janson‘s label is described as “another exercise in dance floor synthesis,” the label explains. It follows predecessor Saku, which arrived in 2015, and brings the “grey realism” of an E-MU II, an affordable classic early eighties sampler/workstation synthesizer.

We’re told to expect “disco-informed, trance-induced tracks that usually end on a high note” and “are elevated by ambient soundscapes that end with a bang and sugarcoat your warm-up slots, while bird-heavy bonus beats that stand up on their own or help you out in the mix.”


A1.Emu I
A2.Emu II
B1.Emu III
B2.Emu III Bonus Beat
Digital only: Emu IV

Emulators EP is scheduled for September 8 release, with clips streaming below.