Four new Brian Eno vinyl reissues have hit record stores through UMC/Virgin EMI, namely Discreet Music (1975), Ambient 1: Music For Airports (1978), Music For Films (1978), and Ambient 4: On Land (1982). 

Each reissue is presented as a 2LP 45RPM having been remastered at Abbey Road Studios by Miles Showell, an expert in presenting the highest quality vinyl prints through half-speed mastering and cutting. This collection of eight reissues, which also includes Here Come The Warm Jets (1973), Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (1974), Another Green World (1975), and Before and After Science (1977), places an aerial view on Eno’s transitions from 1973 into 1982, establishing ambient music as a culturally recognized force of music evolution and becoming a singular voice in the way he articulated his art. 

The entire side A to Discreet Music is given to the title-track, created with two simultaneous tape loops of synthesizer lines. Conceptually, Eno sourced influence from a hospital stay, listening to the 18th-century harp music and processing the affects the sound of rain outside was having on the music. Ambient 1: Music For Airports was one of the first albums to really anchor ambient music as a genre of critical importance and value, designed to serve as a backdrop to the insides of airports and a means to break the anxious nature of the environment. 1978’s Music For Films was an exploratory album with guests including Rhett Davies, John Cale, Phil Collins, Robert Fripp, Fred Frith, Percy Jones, Bill MacCormick, Dave Mattacks, Paul Rudolph, and Rod Melvin; meanwhile, Ambient 4: On Land capped off Eno’s Ambient series, diving into some of the most experimental and exploratory recordings of his career. 

All four reissues are available now, with ordering options found here